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akiba_doll wrote in super_j_store

If you are purchasing more than one Magazine, I will only charge you for the shipping of one. (ie. 2xSHOXX magazines will still cost $12 shipping within europe.)

I also promise to ship the day following payment!

I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, sorry for any inconvenience!

If you need any extra info, just ask ^^

You can email me ( - this is my paypal email too) or just leave a comment,
m(_ _)m Thank you for looking ♥!

SHOXX 2006/2007 $18 each
Great condition, includes all their inserts and posters.
Shipping: Europe: $12 USA/Other: $16

SHOXX Jan 2006 Vol 155
Cover: SID
Contents: SID(20p) Nightmare, Plastic Tree, miyavi, Gazette, D'espairs Ray, Alice9

SHOXX August 2006 Vol 162
Cover: Plastic Tree
Contents: Plastic Tree(20p) Gazette, SID, MUCC, Nightmare, miyavi, Alice9
Includes Plastic Tree poster.

SHOXX Feb 2007 Vol 168
Cover: An Cafe
Contents: An Cafe(20p) Nightmare, Gazette, Kagrra, Alice9, Kra, D, Vidoll, JILS
Includes a double-sided An Cafe/Shou (A9) poster.

SHOXX July 2007 Vol 173
Cover: Nightmare
Contents: Nightmare(20p) Gazette, Kagrra, MUCC, Alice9, D'espairs Ray, An Cafe, SID
Includes a Nightmare Poster.

ARENA 2005/2007 $18 each
Great condition, includes all their inserts.
Shipping: Europe: $12 USA/Other: $16

ARENA Dec 2005 No 279
Cover: Gazette
Contents: Gazette, Miyavi, T.M Revolution, w-inds, RAG FAIR, PaniCrew, Tohoshinki

ARENA Feb 2008 No 305
Cover: Tohoshinki
Contents: Tohoshinki(20p) Uverworld(10p) Acid Black Cherry(10p) Alice9(10p) Nightmare, Miyavi

ARENA Nov 2008 No 314
Cover: Gazette
Contents: Gazette(20p) Uverworld, you, Alice9, Sendai Kamotsu

B-PASS 2006 $14 each
Great condition, includes all their inserts.
Shipping: Europe: $12 USA/Other: $16

B-PASS 2006 5
Cover: EXILE

B-PASS 2006 6
Cover: Remioromen
Contents: Remioromen, ORANGE RANGE, HYDE, acid android, HY, SHAKALABBITS, YUI,

B-PASS 2006 9
Cover: (sorry, don't know his name ^^;)

Cure 2005 & UV 2006 $18 each SOLD
Great condition, includes all their posters and inserts.
Shipping: Europe: $12 USA/Other: $16

UV Jan 2006 Vol 122
Cover: J
Contents: J, Buck Tick, MUCC, Gackt, PIERROT, SID, Merry, UVERworld, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
Includes J poster.
SOLD, thanks! ;)

Cure Dec 2005 Vol 29
Cover: Lareine
Contents: Lareine, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, NOIZ, 12012, etc.
Also includes Lareine poster and Interview CD.
SOLD, thanks! ;)

MusiQ?, Band Yaroze & Rock and Read $16 each
Great condition
Shipping: Europe: $10 USA/Other: $14

MusiQ? July 2007 (DVD missing)
Cover: Nightmare
Contents: Nightmare, Alice9, Gazette, ET-KING, Kimeru, sunny-side up

Rock and Read 006
Cover: Kiyoharu
Contents: Kiyoharu, Sugizo (special interview) Kenichi (Merry), YOMI (Nightmare) Kiyoshi, Furaipan (the pumpkin head) Kisaki (Phantasmagoria)

Band Yaroze July 2003 (disc included, poster missing)
Cover: 175R
Contents (mostly music scores) : MUCC, sex machineguns, Hyde, Janne da arc, Nightmare, D'espairsRay, Vidoll, Kra

Barks+ & Neo Genesis $18 each

Barks+ Spring 2007
Cover: Nightmare
Contents: Nightmare, MUCC, Merry, Gazette, Alice9, An Cafe,

Neo Genesis Vol 4
Cover: Nightmare
Contents: Nightmare, Plastic Tree, Gazette, Alice9, La'cryma Christi, SEX MACHINEGUNS, An Cafe, Kra, bis, Phantasmagoria, D
Includes Nightmare poster.

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Hi, are you located in the UK by any chance? :)

Hi, I would like to request UV Jan 2006 Vol 122. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!!! :)
I will send you the money right now.

Got it, thank you! will ship to you first thing on Monday <3

I'd like to buy Cure Dec 2005 Vol 29, and I'm located in germany :D

(Deleted comment)
Got it! Will be shipped to you tomorrow morning, thanks <3

Hello, are you still selling this magazines?

Hi there! :) Yes, we're still selling these. Which ones were you interested in?

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