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akiba_doll wrote in super_j_store

I combine shipping and also promise to ship the day following payment! (shipping charges vary so please ask!)

I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, sorry for any inconvenience!

If you need any extra info, just ask ^^

You can email me ( - this is my paypal email too) or just leave a comment,
m(_ _)m Thank you for looking ♥!

Gazette 2007 Calendar page group pic (OUT OF PRINT) $16

Gazette 2007 Calendar page group B&W pic (OUT OF PRINT) $16

Gazette 2007 Calendar page Kai #1(OUT OF PRINT) $16

Gazette 2007 Calendar page Kai #2 (OUT OF PRINT) $16

SOLD Gazette Repeated Countless Error Promo Poster(OUT OF PRINT) $14

Gazette Double-sided Stacked Rubbish Poster(OUT OF PRINT) $12

Gazette Double-sided NIL Poster(Other side is Nightmare)(OUT OF PRINT) $12


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Oh i love the last GazettE one (with Nil). I'm not paid until this friday, so if no'one buys it before then, i definitely will. NLSG was my fav era. xx

Mine too! hehe ok we'll see how it goes then, thanks :) x

What kind of paper (thickness?) is the Stacked Rubbish poster printed on, do you know? Thanks~

It's quite thin, the standard poster thickness that posters from magazines have, like shoxx, etc. The calendar pages are thicker and a bit heavier.

Sorry, I actually meant to ask for the RCE one; I associate Stacked Rubbish with RCE in my head and read the title below it by accident ^^; I'm assuming it's similar, though?

It's slightly thicker than the stacked rubbish one. Sort of in between that and the calendar pages.

Okay, thank you! I'm just waiting for another seller to get back with me and then I'll let you know by Monday if I can get it or not. Feel free to sell it to someone else in the meantime if they're interested, though!

Yikes, I actually ended up coming back from Japan before I had a chance to respond again, I'm so sorry x_x; Anyways, I'm still interested in the poster, so you can go ahead and invoice me for it at How will you be shipping it? : )

That's ok, it'll be shipped by regular airmail in a small tube. Just need to know which country do you live in so I can tell you shipping cost & then invoice you :)

Oh, you're located in the UK? I'm sorry, I kind of assumed you were a US seller since the prices were in USD. How much is the shipping then? My zip code is 91361, USA. I hate to sound stingy or something, but I didn't really want to be spending that much on shipping, since I thought it would be shipped from the US. x_x;

Yeah unfortunately shipping to your side from here is pretty expensive so it's $12 as the cheapest for tubes. If you've changed your mind it's ok, no worries! :)

Is the $12 for airmail? If it is, I can do that. I'm sorry for all the inconvenience >.

Yes for airmail, so it would be $26 altogether.
If you want to go ahead with it you can paypal the money to whenever you like.
Oh, no inconvenience, it's ok :)

Is Repeated Countless Error poster still available...? >

Yep, we still have it, if you're interested just let me know which country you live in &I'll tell you shipping price (:

$12 for airmail from the UK, so $26 in total. (shipping price won't change if you add more posters since they'd be shipped together in a tube) If you're still interested you can paypal the email address in the post above (:

Alrighty, I'll get it! Can you hold it for a bit? I'm on vacation atm

Yeah that's fine just let me know whenever you're ready (: Thanks!

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