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For all your fanboy/girl needs. (^w^)v

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For all your fanboy/girl needs v^w^v
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Welcome to my store. CDs, games, DVDs and magazines all kept in mint condition.
Welcome To My Store!

I'm a big fan of Japanese music, dvds and video games. Over time I've accumulated quite a collection and as dear to my heart as they are, I'm having to let some of them go.
Bit by bit I'll be adding to the sales posts but if there's something you've been looking for by the artists in the tags feel free to drop me a message enquiring - I may have what you're looking for and might be willing to let it go for a good price.
In any case if you're interested, please add me to your fl to receive updates whenever something new goes on sale.


Payment by Paypal only please.
Please leave a comment in the relevent post detailing which item(s) you are interested in.
If you prefer to contact me via message, please do so.
I will ship the item(s) out on the next working day after payment.
If you are buying more than one of the same type of item, (eg, 3 posters, or 2 CDs) I will combine shipping.
Most of my items are pretty-much new condition and have barely been used, unless otherwise stated.

Thank you for looking. ^^

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